Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old Sydney’s Curtained Glass Loggia House

Loggia House 1 architecture
In keeping with its elevated past, the high ceilings in this two story extension are dwarfed by two-story steel mesh curtains shielded from the weather by a soaring glass roof.

Loggia House 2 architecture
The double-height curtain of the Glass Loggia House, the winner of two HOUSES Magazine awards for design excellence, provides shade and privacy and a connection to the remodelled garden.
Loggia House 3 architecture
Australian architects Allen Jack+Cottier converted the High Victorian house, as part of a collaboration.
“The loggia and new rooms are designed to exploit the ambiguities between what is inside and what is outside with a dramatic external steel mesh curtain shading the whole north- west facade, which operates to transform the loggia and garden spaces for different family functions.”
Loggia House 8 architecture
In order to show the curtained building to the most interesting effect, garden designer Vladimir Sitta reworked the massing of the hedges and lawns in the sub-tropical Sydney garden.
Loggia House 9 architecture
Because the retrofit was of a historic Sydney house, designer Belinda Koopman remained sensitive to the “bones.”
The judges said: “The approach of both the landscape architect and architect respects the remnants of the past, adding another layer to history. Through a suite of new spaces the house and garden is now more engaged with the people who live there.”
Loggia House 4 architecture
The group transformed the dark rear living spaces and run down garden of a grand two storey High Victorian style residence, creating a useable outdoor area in a way that responds to the grand scale of the existing building, and was appropriate to the conservation area.
Loggia House 5 architecture
The walls, rooms, corridors, platforms, and curtains create a palpable ambiguity about what is inside and outside, old and new.
Loggia House 6 architecture
Internally, the spaces are sensitive to the historic past too, while being modern, open and airy.
Loggia House 7 architecture
The added space is not large. But it perfectly continues the grand tradition of the original.

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