Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Seed-Shaped Church on a Sacred Mountain in China

The O Studio Architects of Hong Kong just completed an elegantly curved concrete church in Huizhou, China.
Church of Seed 2 architecture
The model shows the very unique shape of the building, a sculptural form that encourages a climb.

Church of Seed 3 architecture
Bringing celebrants closer to the sky hints at a spiritual journey towards the heavens at Luofu Mountain Scenery District - one of the seven famous Taoist Mountains in China.
Church of Seed 5 architecture
This is the first Christian church in a sacred mountain site with Taoist and Buddhist temples.
Church of Seed 7 architecture
The inspirational architecture respects the natural environment and the more traditional local spiritual culture.
Church of Seed 8 architecture
Spirituality is subtly suggested through the simple and elemental play of light and shadow.
Church of Seed 9 architecture
The church has a shape like a seed – a metaphor much used in the New Testament.
Church of Seed 10 architecture
But the reference to nature means that it is also minimally intrusive in a land not traditionally christian.
Church of Seed 11 architecture
The main structure was molded by in-situ, in a sustainable building technique that is economical and practical for local builders.
Church of Seed 6 architecture
Wooden formwork for pouring concrete in-situ imparts a texture. But in this church, instead of planks of wood from far away trees, local bamboo was used for formwork.
Church of Seed 1 architecture
The bamboo texture left on the concrete surface by the bamboo form reduces the massiveness of the high concrete wall.
The unique bamboo pattern created makes a local reference to the surrounding trees and green landscape.
Church of Seed 4 architecture
Local farmers built the handmade bamboo furniture. Like the religious furniture of Quaker carpenters, the effect is humble and close to village life.
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